Why every SMB should monitor its networks around the clock

Why every SMB should monitor its networks around the clock

Small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are popular targets for hackers seeking big rewards for what they often assume will require little effort. SMBs still routinely deal with high-value information, such as personal or payment data, but don’t have the enterprise-grade security measures that big businesses usually have. In fact, small businesses are often regarded as perfect targets, since large enterprises are viewed as impenetrable.

Business leaders often assume that cutting-edge cybersecurity is out of their reach, both in terms of budget and the human resources necessary to keep it all in check. That thinking is a grave mistake, as the truth of the matter is a lot more palatable — SMBs can now take advantage of best-in-class cybersecurity too.

With the rise of cloud computing and managed compliance and security monitoring, businesses of any size can now enjoy the same level of cybersecurity that was once only available to large enterprises with equally large budgets. Nowadays, round-the-clock network monitoring isn’t just something that’s nice to have if you can afford it — it’s an essential layer of security for every company, and it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Cybercriminals don’t take a break, and neither can you

Hackers don’t work from 9 till 5. Instead, they target victims as soon as the unsuspecting victims let their guard down. An attack can occur at any time without warning, which is why you need real-time, proactive protection around the clock every day of the year. Of course, you probably don’t have a team up all night in the office keeping a watchful eye over your network, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything.

Round-the-clock monitoring provided by a managed services provider (MSP) is one of the most important and basic layers of protection a small business can have. Most importantly, it proactively stops suspicious activity before it can get anywhere near your physical network.

Identifying and mitigating new and unknown threats

Conventional antivirus solutions are reactive, meaning that they only detect threats once they’ve already made it past your network and onto one of your devices. While they still offer an important layer of protection in the form of a last resort, they do little or nothing to protect you from new and never-before-seen threats known as zero-day exploits.

With round-the-clock monitoring, combined with machine learning, heuristic scanning, and intrusion detection and prevention, you’ll be able to keep almost every threat out of your network infrastructure. Those are complex and advanced technologies, but you can opt to pay for them as a flat-fee subscription offered by trained experts. Should any attempted data breach or other attack occur, you’ll be immediately sent an alert. That’s a whole lot more effective than the primitive, reactive methods of old.

Maintaining visibility into increasingly complex IT infrastructures

The modern enterprise IT environment typically consists of a convoluted line-up of mobile devices, cloud-hosted resources, and in-house hardware — and things aren’t getting any simpler. With many employees now working at home or on the move, the number of attack opportunities are growing exponentially every year.

The benefits of workforce mobility and cloud computing are undeniable, but so are the security challenges that come with them. Companies now need a centralized solution for compliance and security management across all devices used for work. Round-the-clock monitoring and centralized management let you achieve that without getting in the way of efficiency and productivity.

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