5 Things every reliable network support service should include

5 Things every reliable network support service should include

Businesses face constant pressure to innovate, and with that comes the responsibility to select, maintain, and support technology that aligns with your operational goals. Traditional IT support follows the break/fix model, which is rapidly falling out of favor because it encourages short-term solutions rather than fixing deeply rooted issues. Managed IT services allow businesses of all sizes to proactively improve their technology based on a flat-fee support model that incentivizes providers to prevent issues.

Outsourced IT support provides enormous benefits to small businesses, such as reduced costs and easy accessibility, if you know what to look for. After all, you may not need a dozen different support services. A network connectivity solution is probably one of them, but even then you need to evaluate a provider’s industry specializations, service guarantees, and a number of other variables.

However, there are a few constants every network connectivity service should include.

#1. Remote and on-site support

Small-business IT today relies heavily on remotely hosted computing infrastructures. Companies are becoming less dependent on resource-heavy in-house IT systems and networking hardware since software is more important than ever for staying connected to cloud apps and platforms. You need access to on-site and remote support, since the former is needed in large-scale emergencies and the latter is needed for quick resolutions to less problematic issues.

#2. Round-the-clock monitoring

The most basic level of service that any IT support provider should offer is round-the-clock network monitoring. This externally hosted and managed IT service protects your network from malicious traffic before it can reach your in-house security systems, such as firewalls and antivirus software.

Hackers don’t stick to conventional office hours, and they often exploit their victims when they least expect it. Businesses with 24/7 monitoring are equipped to handle middle-of-the-night threats just as well as those during the day. It’s key to protecting your business no matter when, where, and how your employees work.

#3. Backup and disaster recovery

Protecting your data with a robust backup and disaster recovery strategy is crucial in any corporate computing environment. It’s your last line of defense should a natural or manmade disaster occur.

In addition to 24/7 monitoring and network support, providers like Single Point Global also provide 4G backup wireless internet to give you a backup connection during a disaster. Just imagine how comforting it would be to stay operational with access to the internet while every other business in town was struggling. Your reputation would grow like never before!

#4. End-to-end security

You also need a solution that protects confidential data at all times, whether it’s in an email to a business partner or sitting untouched in your archives. Your communications channels, including internet-based phones, email, and instant messaging all need to be locked down with proactive cybersecurity measures such as data encryption, multifactor authentication, and centralized management.

Any IT support provider should be able to demonstrate an impeccable track record of safeguarding client confidentiality and preventing advanced cyberattacks.

#5. Configuration and optimization

Network support isn’t just about cybersecurity and providing swift technical assistance when it’s needed. It’s also about improving operational efficiencies by helping your business get more out of its existing internet connection.

Based on information gathered by comprehensive and regular reporting, your support provider should be able to take care of things like software patch management, network reconfigurations, and bandwidth optimization. If you pay for network connectivity services as a monthly subscription, your provider has a vested interest in keeping you as happy as possible for as long as possible.

Single Point Global serves businesses in Washington DC and Northern Virginia. We offer network connectivity and support services that include both on-site and remote support, cybersecurity management, network configuration, and comprehensive reporting. Contact us today for more information.