Reasons you should consider changing your current MSP before the year ends

Reasons you should consider changing your current MSP before the year ends

Technology and digital trends are ubiquitous in today’s industrial landscape, as they have allowed businesses to operate at a more efficient, more profitable rate. Many businesses outsource entire departments to managed IT services providers (MSPs) so they can enjoy hassle-free IT management and huge cost savings. However, some MSPs do not live up to the standards that they promised.

Has your MSP ever responded slowly to your urgent request? Have their staff been effective even with your minimal supervision? Have there been problems that arose because your company goals and the MSP's goals do not align? If you answered yes to any of these, then it's probably time to consider replacing your MSP. Here are six sure signs that you should look for a better provider.

1. Poor communication habits and ineffective communication channels

Good communication is key to effective collaboration. An IT consultant and their client must maintain strong communication because lack thereof is likely to lead to inefficiencies on both sides.

If your communications with your MSP is problematic, it is probably time to look for a new one. Reaching them to discuss work should not feel like work; aim to work with IT experts that get straight to the point, are honest about situations, and are open to constructive criticism.

2. Frequent and redundant backups

Many other MSPs may tend to get buried in the avalanche of backups, and if they are ill-equipped to deal with that kind of volume, they may cause even more problems than they solve.

Our clients typically have different backup times, especially depending on their respective workloads and the specific nature of their business. Our experts at SinglePoint Global pay as much attention to client experience as they do to simply getting the job done. Accordingly, we ensure all our processes — including backups — are completed in a timely, coherent, and competent manner.

3. Stagnation

A problem many SMBs encounter is the inability of their MSP to keep up with their growth. A good MSP should be able to scale their services based on clients’ changing business needs. Service price is often a point of contention in these situations, as scaling up for an MSP always involves scaling up the price as well. Find an IT provider that can meet your needs and your budget from startup to growth.

4. Poor value for money

MSPs should be solving problems and not simply being another cash cow a company is forced to spend on in the name of sticking to the status quo. If your MSP is no longer saving you money, then it’s time to switch to one that does not only meet your needs but also makes more financial sense.

5. Rigid contract

Rigid contracts may not necessarily be a bad thing. After all, a well-written, well-enforced contract provides structure that is necessary in a client-provider relationship. The problem with rigid contracts arises when the MSP is unable to adjust to changes that businesses sometimes undergo, such as changes of ownership, expansion of product and service lines, or organizational restructuring.

It isn’t compulsory for MSPs to make adjustments on demand, but it is important for you to ensure that they understand this aspect of business. Your business would be best served if your MSP has the ability to scale its services to business conditions such as these. This would ensure that your operations encounter minimal disruptions. If your MSP is unable to keep up with your business’s development, perhaps you are due for a change.

What sets us apart

We at SinglePoint Global understand that many of our clients operate with lean IT resources, and that for many SMBs, dedicating resources to IT maintenance and troubleshooting can affect financial goals and business objectives.

Our Managed Helpd Desk team offers the kind of service you expect, so you can focus on growing your business. It includes software updates, antivirus and malware protection, cloud file sharing, asset and patch management, and desktop backups, all for a friendly price and an even friendlier support system.

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