Managed Help Desk: Why It’s Gaining Traction

Managed Help Desk: Why It’s Gaining Traction

For organizations reluctant to partner with outside firms for IT assistance, learning the many business security benefits of managed help desk can be the turning point. Businesses that are looking to remain competitive in an increasingly complex and connected marketplace need to find and leverage every strategic advantage possible.

The strong economy has prolonged an era of mergers and acquisitions, and for organizations going through this process, every “i” must be dotted and every “t” crossed. Falling short on something as fundamental as help desk services can’t be a stumbling block. Even if you’re not in the process of buying or selling another company, your help desk shouldn’t be your kryptonite. It’s for this reason that an influx of companies has gone to managed help desk services.

Fighting Downtime

A high-functioning help desk reduces IT downtime. Thousands of dollars are at stake for every minute a company can’t function due to IT issues. There's collateral damage to consider as well, in the form of worker morale and productivity, which suffer from repeated IT failures resulting in downtime.

No system is perfect, which means it doesn’t matter how many high-level technological masterminds you have at your organization — at some point, you’re going to run into issues that require fast action. Switching to an managed help desk solution boosts innovation and efficiency and can also reduce help desk costs.

Fighting the Cyber Criminals

Cyber threats don’t clock in and out like your employees do. The threats attempt to do you harm 24/7, which is another reason an managed help desk offers such value — it works around the clock for you.

If your objective is to keep your customer information safe, outsourcing puts you in contact with tools and services that most companies can’t afford on-premises. It’s all about having adequate resources, and that’s how third-party help desk providers make their bread and butter — it’s their sole duty, and they’re good at it.

For example, many organizations don’t have the tools at their disposal to catch a cyber threat before it does real damage. Some systems are infected for months before an abnormality is flagged. With a third party professional at the helm, these threats are caught within the first hour of the breach, which is the golden hour of opportunity to minimize or negate any damage.

Gain Insights with Improved Monitoring Services

Tech issues aren’t easy to spot, at least not in the traditional sense of relying on on-premise resources. With a 24/7 help desk at your disposal, you can put your trust in monitoring services that identify issues before they become a massive hassle that risks significant downtime.

Rather than being reactive, third-party professionals will operate on a proactive level. If you’ve got a network link acting up, they can often fix the problem remotely, avoiding a costly and time-consuming technician visit to make repairs.

Rather than disrupt your workflow, you get behind the scene monitoring that boosts productivity and reduces downtime risk. Managed help desk brings peace of mind to your organization.

Faster Adoption Rates

Business security is increasingly important today, as is adopting new technologies that help an organization grow. Implementation can often be so laborious that bringing in new processes, including hardware and software, will be put off, perhaps indefinitely. With the right help desk at your disposal, you can realize the benefits of technology more rapidly.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a prime example. Some managed help desks specialize in implementing and supporting this transformative technology. Rather than suffer through a seemingly endless process of trial and error, they get it right the first time, drastically reducing the implementation time and all the headaches that go with it.

Partner with a Provider That Fits Your Brand

When seeking a provider that specializes in implementing the technology you need to realize growth, you can also gain access to ones that are a perfect match for your company culture. Branding is an all-encompassing mission, so it is crucial that any provide brought on board sees eye-to-eye with your company culture.

Choosing the provider that has complete buy-in to your company culture can improve employee engagement, which helps you meet your employee retention goals. Engaged employees are happy employees — they’re not going to be looking for employment elsewhere when their morale is high.

At SinglePoint Global, our message to our clients is clear: “We’ve got your back.” We’re a managed service provider that lives and breathes IT. From managed help desk and cyber security solutions to cloud computing and network connectivity, and from colocation to unified communications, we’re here to offer comprehensive services that take the pain out of thriving in an increasingly hostile yet technologically fast-evolving world. Let's talk about what we can do for you. Contact us today.

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