Managed IT Opens a New Way to Improve Business Security

Managed IT Opens a New Way to Improve Business Security

Here's a plan: Give someone else your house keys, and watch your home get safer. That's what a lot of people likely think when the notion of using managed IT to improve business security comes up. As crazy as it may sound on the surface, looking at it more closely reveals a set of specific benefits commonly only available when outsourcing.

How Does Using Managed IT Improve Business Security?

Using managed IT means a slate of benefits that would otherwise be unavailable to the typical user. These benefits provide several ways to improve business security and make your operations safer.

Never Want for Patches. Anyone who's ever had to run patches on local hardware knows it can be a time-consuming process. Actually downloading the patch, waiting for it to apply, then having to shut down local devices to complete the process can take time out of your day. With managed IT, that's done behind the scenes, so the end user scarcely notices.

Reputation on the Line. Most reputable managed IT providers, which are interested in keeping a client base and not going out of business, put a particular focus on security, hardening systems against things such as zero-day hacks and malware. Additionally, that extra focus on a timely patch application also better secures a system by removing potential avenues for attack by hackers.

Constant Modernization. For businesses, “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” is the prevailing rule. With cyber security, however, it may well be broke right now, and it's just gone unnoticed. For managed IT, the need to keep ahead of competitors requires constant update and modernization ahead of any breaches. That means your security systems will effectively be constantly up to date.

Improved Local Operations. It's tempting to just toss the burden of business security onto IT staffers, who may be overloaded already. By using managed IT to improve business security instead, the local operations are less burdened and better able to put local best practices to use, like improving password strength and keeping local devices running. This allows a two-sided approach that reduces potential avenues of attack even further.

How to Start the Process to Improve Business Security with Managed IT

Some great benefits can be had from using managed IT to improve business security, but getting started can be confusing. The best place to start is by getting more information. At SinglePoint Global, we offer a free ebook on managed IT, including a closer look at how to improve business security by using it with tools such as dark web password scanning and several kinds of training. Just follow the preceding link to download it yourself, and discover how managed IT can make your business security that much stronger.

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