Why a Managed Service Provider Is Your Key to Better IT

Why a Managed Service Provider Is Your Key to Better IT

If you want a job done right, do it yourself. At least until the job starts to take up so much time and so many resources that it's not worth doing anymore ... even if it's vital to the company. The horns of that dilemma often lead some to consider a managed service provider to take on their internal IT operations. Using one can deliver some benefits so pronounced that even the diehard do-it-yourselfer reconsiders the stance.

What Value Is There in a Managed Service Provider for IT?

A managed service provider can mean a lot of value to a company's IT operations.

Cost Savings. Start with the hardware you'll never have to buy again, such as certain kinds of servers, and segue into the reductions in labor costs from being able to get more out of your current IT staff. Follow that up with reduced opportunity and downtime costs thanks to better uptime, and the savings speak for themselves.

The Qualification/Experience Gap. Because in-house IT staff tend to only become experienced with problems frequently seen, any new problem is out of their wheelhouse. A managed service provider covers several problems over several systems, improving the chance of genuine experience.

Greater Agility. Increasing capacity in-house requires new hardware purchases, new IT hires to handle the hardware, and so on. Increasing capacity with a managed service provider often requires a phone call and an adjusted monthly bill. Being able to make changes that readily makes your business much more agile and able to pivot to new opportunities.

Greater Efficiency. An in-house IT department tends to deal with several different vendors. Hardware and software vendors just start the permutations; there could be dozens of each, including sub-classes, within either field. Using a managed service provider means one point of contact, which reduces the amount of time required to wrangle various vendors. This also improves the time available to focus on the company's main line of business, since they're no longer mired in the time sink of in-house IT.

Where to Turn to Find the Best in IT Managed Service Providers

There are many reasons to actually use a managed service provider, so much so that there are a lot of competitors in the market to choose from. Normally, that would just about guarantee a less-than-ideal outcome, but we at SinglePoint Global can help. Just follow the preceding link to get a copy of our free ebook, covering all you need to know about managed IT. Then, when you're ready to bring a managed service provider into your fold, just reach out to us to get the ball rolling on a great move for your IT operations.

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