Managed Colocation: Better Disaster Recovery and Other Key Benefits

Managed Colocation: Better Disaster Recovery and Other Key Benefits

With the amount of data flowing through the networks of organizations across all industries, the need for a secure, efficient way to store that data is clear. Managed colocation is the practice of keeping your private servers, network equipment, and data centers at a third-party, off-premises data center. Unlike regular hosting where you have to rent out equipment which is owned by the vendor, managed colocation allows you to substantially save space while reducing maintenance and electricity costs.

Making the switch to colocation allows your business to focus on growth and improvement rather than dealing with operating an on-site data center. One key benefit of managed colocation that shouldn’t be overlooked is improved backup and disaster recovery. If you’re considering making the move to managed colocation, here’s what you need to know about the advantages it offers your business. 

  • Reduced operating costs. A good managed colocation provider will supply all the electricity, bandwidth, and networking power you need for your network – giving you tremendous savings over maintaining your network in-house.
  • Improved performance. Upgrading servers in-house can be a costly undertaking, as can continuing to operate using outdated equipment. With managed colocation, you’ll have state-of-the-art servers that deliver accelerated performance and allow you to work smarter.
  • Compliance. If your organization needs to comply with regulatory requirements, your managed colocation provider will be on board. The right provider will help you adhere to stringent regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and others.
  • Disaster recovery. Downtime happens for a multitude of reasons and can deal a critical blow to your business. A good managed colocation provider will guarantee up to 99.999% uptime and include backup and recovery services that ensure a disaster doesn’t shut you down.
  • Increased security. Colocation facilities often have the security of 24/7 monitoring and proactive reporting of possible threats. A managed colocation provider should offer excellent physical security at the facility along with next-generation firewalls and other stringent cyber security measures. 

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of managed colocation, SinglePoint Global is your partner for a personalized solution. We can install your workstations on our premises and provide the electricity, backup power, and expert monitoring your computers and servers need to run fluidly – 24/7/365. We’ll tailor our facilities to your business which means you’ll be able to control all aspects of your technology with ease and transparency. Get in touch with SinglePoint Global today to get started.

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