Blast the Bad Guys! (With Multi-Layered Cyber Security)

Blast the Bad Guys! (With Multi-Layered Cyber Security)

Keeping your network and data safe from the bad guys is tougher to do now than ever before. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that cyber crime will cause damage of over $6 trillion annually by 2021 – up from $3 trillion in 2015. 

If cyber security hasn’t been a priority in the past, it’s time to make it one now. With wave after wave of cyber attacks on the horizon, you can’t risk an incident or breach with potentially devastating costs to your business. The best way to stay secure? Implement a multi-layered cyber security strategy. 

Prepare for Battle: Security Awareness Training

The first step toward defeating the bad guys is to ensure your employees know how to identify and protect against attacks. A strong cyber security awareness training program not only informs staff about phishing and malware, it also includes simulations so that your employees can actually test their knowledge of what a phishing scam looks like in reality. Employees need to be trained on password hygiene so they can avoid simple (yet common) mistakes such as using the word “password” as a password.

Stop Them in Their Tracks With Two-Factor Authentication

2FA requires that the person trying to access the network both knows the user’s password and has access to one of that user’s devices to verify identity. The chances of a cyber criminal both figuring out a password and having hold of a device are much lower than having just one or the other.

Shoot ‘Em Down With Spam Filtering

Don’t even let the invaders get close by using spam filtering technology. With spam filtering, you’ll be able to secure both inbound and outbound email. This tool uses content analysis to identify both known and emerging threats in your company’s email system. It’s essentially a cyber security force field for your email system that stops the bad guys from getting in while allowing your business’s email to run efficiently and effectively. 

Cyber security isn’t as simple as it used to be, and securing the perimeter is no longer enough to stop the invaders from breaching your data. A multi-layered approach is the best way to keep your business secure. When you’re ready to take a more comprehensive approach to your cyber security program, contact us at SinglePoint Global. We’ll get you the security solutions that will keep the bad guys at bay.

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