They’re Coming for You! (Why Managed Security Should Be Part of Your Budget for 2020)

They’re Coming for You! (Why Managed Security Should Be Part of Your Budget for 2020)

So maybe you “beat” 2019 and are walking away without a breach or serious security incidents, but 2020 is a new year. The cyber criminals have leveled up, and they’re about to hit your organization in waves. 

Simple firewalls and cyber security measures of the past may keep the bad guys at bay for a short time, but those are not enough to prevent a breach from a smart cyber criminal. If you’re serious about keeping your data and your business protected, you need to make room for managed security in your 2020 budget. 

Cyber Villains Are Out in Droves

64% of companies experience web-based attacks, according to NuData Security. The issue faced by businesses is the level of sophistication of these attacks and the variety of forms they can take. Here are just a few ways cyber criminals are attacking businesses: 

  • Denial-of-Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) Attacks: These are meant to overwhelm a system’s resources so they can’t respond to service requests.
  • Phishing: This type of scam is extremely common. An untrained employee might receive an email that looks like it’s from a trusted user, click on a link, and let malware into your system. 
  • Malware Attack: Any attack where malicious, unwanted software makes breaches your network is considered a malware attack. This encompasses ransomware, which holds your data hostage until a ransom has been paid. 

Those are just a few examples of the types of enemies running rampant in 2020. The best way to protect yourself from savvy cyber villains? Managed security services. 

Managed Security Services Will Keep You in the Game

A good managed security solution is your best defender against imminent cyber attacks. With managed security, you get: 

  • Automated network security 
  • Threat identification and quarantining
  • Alerts for unauthorized access, malicious software, or scam attempts
  • Monitoring of every packet of data in your servers and workstations to ensure complete protection of your files around the clock

A managed security provider can also handle security awareness training for your employees, including phishing simulation. When everyone is aware of their part in keeping your business secure, the likelihood of malware getting into your system decreases significantly. 

The Bad Guys Are Serious. So Is SinglePoint Global Managed Security.

Managed security will keep you ahead of the bad guys and in the game. You just have to leave room for it in your 2020 budget. Are you looking to provide your business with the best possible protection? Contact SinglePoint today for more information about our managed security solutions.

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