We’re All About Cloud Computing. You Should be Too!

We’re All About Cloud Computing. You Should be Too!

You’ve got your 2020 budget set to go -- how are you planning to invest in your future? Cloud computing is no longer an emerging trend. Its resilience, agility, and scalability make it a necessary business tool. If your company hasn’t already made the move to the cloud, it’s time. Your competitors likely already have. 

Virtual desktops (VDI) are one cloud technology that is making waves. Microsoft recently released Azure VDI, giving users anytime/anywhere access on almost any device through the Azure cloud. Our clients have been moving pieces of their environments into Azure because it’s so resilient, and gives you increased agility, savings (in both capex and opex), and security. 

Regardless of whether you opt for Azure or another cloud platform, the time for cloud computing is now. Businesses with a cloud-first mindset are leaving their competitors behind. Here’s why. 

Cloud Computing: The Future Is Now

The cloud is a turnkey technology that enhances collaboration, boosts employee productivity, and grows your bottom line. It offers a host of benefits over outdated (and expensive) hardware: 

  • Scalability. With traditional IT infrastructure, the resources you have are all you can use. Running out of storage means buying or renting another server. With cloud computing, you can adjust data storage needs or add/remove users based on your requirements, giving you scalability that hardware lacks.
  • Security. When your data is stored on-premise and physically connected to your local network, you are entirely responsible for its protection. And unless you pay someone round the clock to manage this, you leave yourself vulnerable. A good cloud provider offers 24x7x365 monitoring by security experts. And yes, we can help with this! 
  • Automation. If you’ve been running your business with hardware, you understand the struggle of keeping your system up to date. It requires an IT staff with specific training and expertise to monitor and maintain your hardware, keeping up with necessary upgrades while also troubleshooting problems and managing installations. With the cloud, your provider takes care of hardware and ensures it’s not only secure but is updated as needed and runs smoothly. 

Go Cloud-First With SinglePoint Global

At SinglePoint Global, we are committed to being a cloud-first company. We can support any cloud environment, including Azure, AWS, private cloud, and more. When you’re ready to ditch your outdated hardware and make the move to cloud computing, we’re the experts that will get you the resources you need. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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