Already Have an IT Department? Here’s How It Benefits From Managed IT Services

Already Have an IT Department? Here’s How It Benefits From Managed IT Services

Managed IT services lift the burden of day-to-day IT tasks from your internal IT team so it can focus on more important technology initiatives.

What does your internal IT department spend most of its time on? In a perfect world, the answer would be something like “mission-critical technology initiatives.”

The actual answer is often quite different. Because of the complex nature of modern business technology, a large portion of your IT staff’s time is likely dedicated to help desk functions, applying patches and updates, and hooking up workstations and printers. Your IT team is probably overwhelmed and overworked. In some cases, internal IT staff may also lack the broad range of expertise and knowledge required to keep your business technology secure and functioning.

Even if you have an existing IT staff, you may need additional support to keep your business technology ship from sinking. That’s where managed IT services come in. 


How Your IT Department Benefits From Managed IT Services

Your IT should run smoothly and without interruptions. Managed IT services can give your staff the freedom they need to accomplish that. Here are a few managed IT services you can get from a good provider:

Managed Security

A cloud-based security solution will automate network security and keep you secure 24/7 – a task that would be outrageously expensive to pay for in-house. A managed security provider can monitor around the clock, alarm you of unauthorized access, and identify and quarantine attempts to attack your system.

Managed Help Desk

If your IT department spends the majority of its time working on trouble tickets, it needs the support of managed help desk services. Let an outsourced provider take over the help desk function so your full-time staff can take on more important tasks that help your business digitally transform and stay competitive.

Day-to-Day IT Support

Your managed IT provider can take over basic IT functions such as keeping your users’ devices patched and updated. Your IT team members will be more productive and have greater satisfaction in their roles.


IT isn’t just a side function of your business – your technology is a core element of your overall business strategy. When you leverage managed IT services, you can use your internal staff to implement the technology initiatives your company needs to stay ahead.

Whether your business needs managed security services or the support of an managed help desk, SinglePoint Global has managed IT services that meet your requirements. When you’re ready to free up your IT department for mission-critical tasks, contact SinglePoint.


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