The 3 Solutions Your Team Needs to Successfully Work From Home


Businesses across the globe have sent their employees home to conduct business because of social distancing necessitated by COVID-19. While some companies already had work from home policies, procedures, and solutions in place, there are a good number of businesses that have been caught unprepared to manage this drastic change to the business environment. 

Your employees need to be able to do more than just cope with a transition to working from home full time. To give your team everything they need to stay productive, you need these three solutions:



The first solution on everyone’s must-have list to facilitate the new work-from-home norm is unified communications as a service (UCaaS). UCaaS is a cloud-based suite of tools that allow your employees to communicate and collaborate as seamlessly as they would if they were present in the same office. A good UCaaS provider offers features like audio and web conferencing so that any meetings previously held in person can be held virtually. Your employees also get the ability to make and receive calls on any device through your business line, enabling them to conduct business and customer service as usual.

Cloud Computing

When your data is stored in the cloud, it can be accessed by employees that need it – no matter where they are. Businesses that leverage the cloud also rest assured that their software and systems are maintained and updated automatically by the cloud provider, minimizing the risk of staff working from home experiencing issues with technology. 

Managed Cyber Security

One of the biggest concerns related to remote work is security. Even in an office environment, employees create risks and vulnerabilities for their companies (you don’t have to be working from home to click on a link in a phishing email). In a work-from-home scenario, the same human error risks apply – but you add additional concerns like unsecured WiFi networks and use of personal devices. A good managed security provider will offer intrusion detection systems, anti-virus, and even a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs are especially helpful because they extend your business network across any public network, so that data sent and received across the VPN will stay secure.

If you are trying to rapidly put the proper tools in place for your employees to stay productive from wherever they are, SinglePoint Global can help. We provide a robust, diversified suite of IT services to facilitate the success of your employees as they work from home. Get the collaboration, cloud, and security solutions your business requires to survive in the current business climate. Contact SinglePoint today.

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