Stay Fully Functional as Remote Work Continues

Stay Fully Functional as Remote Work Continues

With several weeks of remote work behind us, many companies are beginning to strike a rhythm that may feel like business as usual. It’s important to keep in mind, though, that staying productive, secure, and protected against outages with your entire workforce at home requires a different approach than it did in the past. SinglePoint Global’s focus is to keep our clients up and running, no matter how long your employees are working from home. Here’s how we support you:

Keeping Your Workforce Functional at Home

Many companies opted to transition to cloud computing and communications or increased their existing usage of cloud-based tools when full remote-work arrangements became a reality. We provide a variety of cloud services to meet your remote-work needs and keep your business functioning, wherever your workers are located.

We handle cloud software and application installation and manage updates and patches automatically, so you can continue business as usual without overburdening your IT staff. Cloud-based unified communications tools enable your remote workers to collaborate as if they were still together in the same physical office.

Ensuring Remote Work Security

One of the biggest challenges of managing a remote workforce is maintaining a high level of security with your employees physically dispersed and your IT staff at home. Businesses that leverage managed security solutions have the assurance that their data, networks, and endpoints are continuously monitored. We can also provide the security awareness training and education your employees need so that they don’t fall prey to phishing scams or allow malware into your system from home.

Supporting Remote Disaster Recovery

Staying proactive against outages will be essential if business is to remain uninterrupted during this work-from-home time. We’ll help you develop a disaster recovery strategy, give you the tools to protect against unplanned downtime, and ensure a clear, concrete action plan to minimize downtime if an outage does occur.

At SinglePoint, we’re committed to keeping our customers fully functional in all circumstances. With many organizations facing the unprecedented challenges of managing remote work for extended periods of time, it’s our goal to offer all the services and tools you need to navigate working from home and keep your business thriving. We’re still your single point of contact for all your business needs – even with your entire staff at home.

Get in touch with us today for the remote-work support you need now and for the long haul.

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