Think managed IT means losing control? On the contrary.

Companies who move to a managed IT model GAIN direction over their entire IT.

It's difficult to imagine getting the best of both worlds: having all your technology run seamlessly without the burden of managing it. But outsourcing IT makes this dream a reality.

Businesses of all sizes can eliminate IT headaches with the right managed IT provider. Take 10 minutes to find out the benefits your company can see from this service.

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Here's What You Get with Managed IT:

  • reliable data security
  • network uptime
  • outstanding support
  • frustration-free IT
  • honest expertise
  • responsive service
  • compliance and security

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Regional Healthcare Provider

SinglePoint’s knowledgeable support staff keeps our practice running smoothly.
Phones, Internet, support, and file sharing that meets HIPPA mandates, all delivered with excellent customer service.

CEO & Practice Administrator
Regional Healthcare Provider

Full Solution Security Service Company

SinglePoint provides our Co-Location, Internet, VOIP Telephony, Data, Hosted Sharepoint, monitoring and support services.
I saved money on every one of these services over other providers surveyed. And I know if I asked for a new service or a 1:00a.m. server restart they would provide it. Top that at a cost effective price.

Director of IT
Full Solution Security Service Company

Worldwide Health Offices

SinglePoint has ensured that we have the reliable service necessary to keep everything running smoothly.
They ensure that our behind-the-scenes systems are always operational, and reduced the time and hassle of outages or slow internet and phone service.

Training & Events Specialist
Worldwide Health Offices

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Before you can accurately assess moving to managed IT, you need to be 100% confident that it will solve problems and unclog bottlenecks.