They’re Coming for You! (Why Managed Security Should Be Part of Your Budget for 2020)

So maybe you “beat” 2019 and are walking away without a breach or serious security incidents, but 2020 is a new year. The cyber criminals have leveled up, and they’re about to hit your organization in waves. 

Simple firewalls and cyber security measures of the past may keep the bad guys at bay for a short time, but those are not enough to prevent a breach from a smart cyber criminal.

Blast the Bad Guys! (With Multi-Layered Cyber Security)

Keeping your network and data safe from the bad guys is tougher to do now than ever before. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that cyber crime will cause damage of over $6 trillion annually by 2021 – up from $3 trillion in 2015. 

If cyber security hasn’t been a priority in the past, it’s time to make it one now.

Keep the Bad Guys Away: Our Top 3 Cyber Security Tips

October is Cyber Security Awareness month, so it’s a good time to take a look at your cyber security strategy. Are you doing enough to safeguard your business against waves of cyber attacks and threats from modern bad guys? If you’ve been approaching security the same way for the past 10 years, chances are it’s time for a refresh.

Security Awareness Training: The Foundation of Top-Notch Security

One of the pillars of a solid security plan is ensuring all employees are aware of the plan and have the tools and resources they need to contribute to overall company security. Employee negligence is a huge factor in business vulnerability. (81% of all data breaches are because of poor passwords!) Without knowledge of what to look for and how to implement secure best practices, employees can be more hindrance than help in terms of protecting your business.

The Advantages of an Outsourced Help Desk Provider

Leveraging the right amount of IT support can be a difficult process, especially for organizations that are right on the cusp of having the budget to fund an internal support system but are also considering an outsourced help desk provider. Increasingly, even those with a hefty budget are finding the advantage in choosing an outsourced provider.

The Difference Between Help Desk and Service Desk

Your organization likely dedicates significant time, money, and other resources to supporting technology for end users, including assisting them when there’s a problem and engaging in proactive maintenance and servicing of systems and equipment. Distinguishing the difference between help desk and service desk terminology may help you refine how you offer this support.

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