Cloud Computing

Azure, AWS and private virtual cloud solutions

2018 sees 92% public cloud adoption and 75% private cloud adoption.

- RightScale

While the cloud was once an emerging technology trend, today it is a necessary tool for agility, scalability, and cost savings. The cloud is a turnkey technology that enhances collaboration, employee productivity, and the bottom line. But making your move to the cloud can be daunting. This is where SinglePoint can provide the expert help and guidance that your business needs. SinglePoint’s cloud computing solution transfers your data into the cloud safely and does so without disrupting business processes. After all, what good is a technology that upends your operations?

Here’s what you get with our cloud computing solutions:

  • Scalability - we can adjust data storage needs or add/remove users based on your requirements
  • Security - 24x7x365 monitoring by our security experts
  • Provider Options - AWS, Azure, and private cloud
  • Updated - we’ll install and integrate the latest software to keep your business running efficiently
The move to the cloud can be a challenge, but in today’s business environment, the cloud is a necessity for maintaining a competitive edge. Unlock the power of the cloud for your organization. Contact SinglePoint today and speak to a cloud expert.
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