SinglePoint’s advanced colocation facilities are synonymous with speed, efficiency, security, and reliability

SinglePoint guarantees up to 99.999% uptime, complemented with a backup and recovery program.

Colocation is the practice of keeping your private servers, network equipment, and data centers at a third-party, off-premises data center. This is unlike regular hosting, where you have to rent out equipment which is owned by the vendor and allows you to substantially save space, maintenance, and electricity cost.

Built to the latest infrastructure standards, SinglePoint can install your workstations on our premises, providing the electricity, back-up power, and expert monitoring your computers and servers need to run fluidly – 24x7x365. What’s more, we’ll tailor our facilities to your business which means you’ll be able to control all aspects of your technology with ease and transparency.

Here’s what you get with our colocation facilities:

  • Reduced operating costs - we’ll supply all the electricity, bandwidth, and networking power needed for your network
  • Increased performance - our state-of-the-art servers deliver accelerated performance so you can work smarter
  • Security and compliance - we’ll enforce industry-standard security policies while adhering to stringent regulations such as HIPAA, PCI, and more
  • Personalized solutions - our flexible support packages allow you to select the exact aspects of technology you want us to handle
Experience the benefits of enterprise-level infrastructure and security, without the management and maintenance hassles or exorbitant costs. With colocation service through SinglePoint, your business has a scalable, flexible, and powerful resource to power efficiency and productivity.
Contact SinglePoint today to learn more about the many benefits of colocation. SinglePoint is your trusted partner in fully leveraging today’s technology.
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