Network Connectivity

Get a customized, fully managed and supported high-speed internet package with a 99.99% network connectivity guarantee

Deloitte noted that 60% of workers are annoyed by the slow internet speeds at work.

- Deloitte

In today’s increasingly connected business environment, reliable network performance is a necessity. Slow internet speed leads to frustrated, unproductive employees, lost business opportunities, and alienated customers. But canceling an expensive, non-performing internet service can be an ordeal — leading to continued issues with network connectivity.

Why not entrust your internet to SinglePoint? Not only do we offer an internet package that fits your business’s needs and provides highly reliable network connectivity, but you’ll also get proactive, unlimited support from our technicians so your internet always performs at top speed.

At SinglePoint, we are your trusted partner for all of your internet and networking needs. Whether you need help optimizing your current Wi-Fi, creating a secure, private network that connects multiple offices, or setting up a 4G or 5G wireless backup network, we are here to provide expert guidance and best-in-class support.

Here’s what you get with our network connectivity:

  • Dedicated Internet Access
  • Point to Point
  • VPLS
  • MPLS
  • 4G & 5G

Contact SinglePoint today to see how we can ensure reliable and fast network connectivity.

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