Unified Communications

A cloud-based telephone system that allows you to remotely make and receive calls, utilize video conferencing, and call screen for a monthly, flat-rate fee

Businesses can save as much as $1200 per phone line over 2 years with Unified Communications.

- tech.co

Unified Communications gives you the ability to make and receive calls through any device as long as you’re connected to the internet. This means your business benefits from increased collaboration, projects get completed quicker, your employees can take on more clients and your bottom-line benefits greatly.

Additionally, when your Unified Communications system is supported by SinglePoint we’ll ensure that you can use one phone number for your entire organization. We’ll even set up auto-attendants, call screening, and forwarding so you can stay on top of every call, refining your customer experience.

Here’s what you get with our Unified Communications solution:

  • Call through any device as long as you’re connected to the internet
  • Use the same number for your entire organization through number portability
  • Get expert supervision and management of your Unified Communications system with our team of experts
  • Forgo expensive calling plans since you’re calling through the internet